Online Booking Pages

Allow your clients to book appointments with you (or your team) online and from their mobile devices. Capture all the information you need to make the appointment successful. Appointments are created directly on your calendar. Fully integrated with Apptoto's messaging platform!

Custom Url

Choose a custom url that you can send to anyone that requests a time to meet... or you can link to your booking page directly from
your own website.

Your booking page is fully customizable.

In-Calendar notifications
In-Calendar notifications

Or add it to your website

Alternatively, you can embed Apptoto's Online Booking page on your website and allow clients to book appointments with you directly from your website!


Mobile Friendly

Apptoto's Online Booking Pages look great on any device. Clients can easily book with you
from where ever they are.

In-Calendar notifications
In-Calendar notifications

Availability Options

You have complete control over when you appear to be busy and when clients can book with you.

You can also control what times are available directly from
your existing calendar.

Appointment Types

Let your clients choose what type of appointment they would
like to book with you.

Different booking configurations can be used for each type of appointment.

In-Calendar notifications
In-Calendar notifications

Custom Fields

Apptoto can be configured to ask your clients and prospects customized questions when they book appointments.

Use the information collected during booking directly in the messages sent to clients and staff members through Apptoto's messaging platform.

Multiple Calendar Support

One booking page can represent multiple calendars. New appointments can always be added to one calendar, or they can be multiple calendars in a round-robin fashion, allowing you to have one place for clients to book across all of your office and staff members.

In-Calendar notifications
In-Calendar notifications

Time zone support

Time zones are handled seamlessly. Clients see available times in their timezone and their timezone is captured upon booking. Apptoto's messaging platform can then properly send messages with the correct time to clients.

Address Book Integration

Clients and prospects that book appointments with you are automatically added back to your chosen Address Book (all address book types supported, including Salesforce, Google, Office 365)

Capture Mobile Numbers

Apptoto's Online Booking pages default to capturing your client's mobile number for authentication purposes. This ensures the client or prospect is real, and it ensures that Apptoto's messaging platform will have access to their mobile number to send SMS/Text messages reliably!

Automatic Messaging

Appointments booked through the Online Booking system AND appointments that you create on your calendar by hand can be automatically reminded and sent follow-ups through Apptoto's Messaging Platform. Supports Email, Text, and Voice calls!

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