Apptoto Appointment Reminders for CSV or XML Data

If you or your business uses a scheduling system that can export CSV or XML data, then you can benefit immediately by using Apptoto to automatically send appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups.

CSV Integration

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Most scheduling and practice management systems have reminders built into them... but none of them are as full featured and customizable as Apptoto's messages. Apptoto allows you to send SMS, Voice, and Email messages and you can control when those messages are sent and what they say. The good news is that Apptoto can easily send reminders for your appointments by importing an CSV or XML file generated by your existing system. Many of the common systems are supported out of the box (e.g. Amazing Charts), and we're always adding support for more, so feel free to email to find out if your system is supported.

Import Events and Contacts Easily

The CSV and XML import tool provided by Apptoto allows you to import data into Apptoto on a daily basis without duplicating events or contacts. You can revoke imports at anytime. Apptoto also will import any field you have in your data as "custom fields" and those fields can be used in your messages.


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