Google Calendar™ integration

More and more appointment-based professionals are using Google Calendar™ to track their appointments. Apptoto integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar™.

Office 365 integration

Office 365 goes with you everywhere on every device – cell phone, tablet, computer. Apptoto goes with it, working easily with all calendars on all devices.

iCloud™ integration

Apple's iCloud service powers iPhone and Mac address book and calendars. Apptoto integrates with the iCloud service directly in order to send messages the appointments on your iPhone or Mac.

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange can be hosted or on-site. Apptoto can integrate directly with the calendars and address books stored in Exchange via Exchange Web Services (EWS).

Salesforce integration

Apptoto works hand in glove with Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software.

If your Law Firm uses the excellent Clio™ case management system, then you can benefit immediately by using Apptoto to automatically send appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups to your clients.

If your existing system exports CSV or XML data, then Apptoto can work with it using our file import utility. Files can be imported into Apptoto via drag/drop, upload, or by emailing them to Apptoto on a daily or weekly basis. Apptoto also provides APIs to automatically upload files from your existing system.

If your existing system's data is stored in a SQL Database, then chances are good that Apptoto can integrate directly with it. Email today and we can take a look!

iCalendar (or ICS), CalDAV, and CardDAV are popular standards for sharing or publishing calendars and address book information. Apptoto can integrate directly with services that leverage these standards. Some services that have been integrated include:

Apptoto can intergrate directly with your existing Electronic Medical / Health Record system. For help determining if Apptoto can work with your system, please email Some systems we integrate with include:

Is your system not listed? We'll build an integration for you!

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