Apptoto for Counseling/Therapy

Your clients have enough on their minds. Ensure they make their appointments with customizable SMS text, email, or voice reminders.

Your services can make a huge difference in people's lives - but only if they attend their therapy appointments. Apptoto simplifies the process for you and your clients by integrating with your calendars, allowing online booking and sending customized reminders. Spend more time helping others and less time balancing the details.

  • Supports multiple staff, calendars, and appointment types
  • Customizable reminders to effectively reach your unique clients
  • Online booking
  • Reminds clients of their appointment times and when to schedule next
  • HIPAA compliant

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How it Works

Apptoto has cut down our admin time (who were performing reminders manually) and it has radically cut down our no-shows. Thanks again. Hugh McCullum
Dr. Lissa Johnson & Associates

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