Reach your clients by Email, SMS, or Voice

Set more than one type of reminder per appointment to reach clients in different ways and at different times.

Email, SMS or voice

Custom Message Content

Customize the reminder message content and client confirmation prompt (if you select a prompt). The message can contain information pulled directly from the appointment. You can use mail-merge like fields to include information specific to each appointment.

Custom message content

Custom Message Timing

You have complete control over when your messages are sent. The messages can be sent relative to the appointment or at a specific time. You can also tell Apptoto which days of the week to send messages and which days to avoid.

Custom message timing

Personalized Voice Reminders

Choose from a text-to-speech engine, record your own voice, or upload a pre-recorded mp3 file. Professional voice recordings are also available.

Personalized voice reminders

Caller ID & Reserved Numbers

Voice messages are sent from your phone number. SMS messages can be also be sent from your number in certain countries. In the US, you can choose a number in you area code to send Voice and SMS messages from.

Personalized voice reminders
Real-Time Notifications

Reminder Messages

Reminder messages are sent to clients prior to their appointment (typically within 3 days of the appointment) and can ask the client to confirm, cancel, or request a reschedule.

Booking Confirmations

Booking Confirmations

Booking Confirmations are sent immediately when a booking takes place. They can request the client accept the booking and add it to their calendar.

In-Calendar notifications

Online Booking

"Online Booking" allows your clients to book online through your own website or a customized Apptoto url.

Learn More

One Time Messages

"One Time Messages" can be sent to one or more clients/patients easily. This allows you to easily message all of your clients on a particular day at once. For example, you can send a message to all of your clients saying you need to reschedule their appointments.

In-Calendar notifications

2-Way Conversations

Easily respond to your clients from the Apptoto website or directly from our real-time email notifications. Your clients will love that there is an actual person on the other end of the messages they receive from you!

SMS Conversation

Auto Replies & Actions

Automatically respond and take action when your clients reply to messages. For example, you can respond with a custom thank you message when clients confirm, or send a notification to a staff member when clients respond with certain responses.
For details see our user guide.

SMS Conversation


Our new Inbox/Outbox feature lets you manage replies to your messages and see messages that have been sent on your behalf from Apptoto. You can also see what messages are scheduled to go out in the future!


Real Time Notifications

You or anyone on your staff can be notified the instant a client responds with a confirmation, cancellation, reschedule request or with any additional information. Replies to the real-time notifications are sent back to your client or patient immediately!

Real Time Notifications

In-Calendar Notifications

Apptoto will update your calendar when clients are reminded and when they confirm, cancel, or request a rescheduling. This allows you to quickly see who is coming and who isn't by simply glancing at your calendar on your favorite device.

In-Calendar notifications

In-Event Commands

Maintain complete control over who gets reminded by using Apptoto's "In-Event" commands. These commands can tell Apptoto when to (and when not to) send reminders. A complete list of commands can be found in this support article.

In-Event Commands

Contact Information Extraction

Apptoto automatically extracts contact information from your appointments. It looks for names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can optionally save the contact information to your address book for later use.

Contact information extraction

Group Appointments

Apptoto will find and extract
multiple participants from your appointments, allowing you to send group messages and find out who is coming ahead of time.

Group Appointments

Import Address Books

Easily import and export to your Address Book in Google, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce, or using our CSV/XML Import utility.

Import Address Book

Contact Preferences

Use this option to specify reminder preferences for each of your clients.

Contact preferences

Appointment Page

SMS and Email reminders can contain a link to that participant's Appointment Page where additional information about your location, company, and the appointment can be found. The content is completely configurable and can be tailored to each participant of the appointment or event.

Appoitment page

Custom Add To Calendar Content

If the client clicks "Add to calendar", you have control over the suggested content for the event. This allows you to include additional information directly in the client's calendar as well.

Add-to-Calendar content

Multilingual Messages

You can create multiple "Message Schedules" that are triggered based off of the content of the appointment. One common use of this is to send reminders in Spanish to Spanish speaking clients.

Multilingual Messages
Conditional Messages

Conditional Messages

Each message can be configured to only be sent if certain conditions are met. An example use of this feature is sending different messages for different types of appointments.

User-Login Management
Additional Logins

Additional Logins w/ Permissions

You can create additional logins to give to your co-workers with either "Full" or "Agent" permissions. Agents can not make changes to your settings.

Multiple Calendars

Multiple calendars

Connecting multiple calendars to Apptoto allows you to easily send messages for everyone on your staff using one account. Each calendar can have it's own settings and messages if you want. Apptoto also works with shared calendars.

HIPAA Compliance Program

HIPAA Compliance is available for some subscription plans and it includes:

  • Account stored and run on HITRUST Certified servers for HIPAA Compliance (provided by Firehost)
  • All sensitive "at rest" data encrypted
  • All sensitive "in transit" data encrypted (this does not include SMS and Email messages sent)
  • Logging disabled on server
  • SSL used for all communication
  • Account disabled after 6 failed attempts
  • Courtesy compliance review of message content
  • Signed Business Associates Agreement (Group plan and higher)

HIPAA Compliance

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